Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Tasty Weekend

Got a couple of great days sailing in over the April bank holiday weekend. On Sunday Dan Gardner, Pat Kavanagh and myself trekked up to the Mullet and scored a sweet port-tack jumping session on 4.7ms. After a fun jump-off (probably more hardcore than the recent hookipa one....:O) and two trashed sails for me, we called it a day at 8pm! Gotta love these long evenings.
Monday brought bigger swell, and we were lured down south to our favourite wave spot. We were joined by none other than Nige 'the plumdog' plummer, Katie 'macattack' McAnena and Mark 'I eat loaf of bread in one sitting' Killeen. Dodgy nicknames but hey it's not like I made them up....Everyone was on 3/7m/4.2m/4.7ms and ripping! Logo-plus peelers for everyone! Well, maybe not quite, as there were 5 surfers and 4 kitesurfers out as well as us, so the queuing system came into place. One kiter's lines broke and had to be rescued by the coastguard. Luckily he had friends on the shore who made the call early and all was well once again. Wash it all down with a pot of tea in Danny Mac's to cap off the weekend, nothing like it!

The first spring sunrise I captured

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